The spiral rigid conveyor is dedicated for regulated transport (40-140kg/h) from its own big pouring basket to the cracker machine DLO 120E or cracker machine DLO 120ER.
Previously calibrated hazelnuts or almonds are poured into the conveyor basket. With the variable-frequency drive (VFD) you can precisely adjust nuts flow into the cracker machine with the minimal break of the nuts core as nuts are entering into cracker one by one and avoiding interfering with each other. When nuts are interfering with each other, as it is the case when high quantity of nuts is poured into the cracking machine basket, nuts are not entering with their tiniest side into the cracker which is causing a bit higher percent break of the nuts core. This cannot be avoided unless pouring smaller nuts quantity into the basket which will be immediately cracked. Fine regulation nuts flow with the VFD at the conveyor is doing exactly this – optimal nuts flow (40-140 kg/4) for the optimal cracking.
At the lower picture you can see line that is consisted from: conveyor, cracking, shell separator and at the end conveyor belt table where final examination is made in order to make sure all the nuts are properly cleaned from the shell.
The spiral rigid conveyor is exclusively made based on the customer order. Depending on the flow quantity rigid spiral conveyor dimensions are agreed.


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