Hazelnuts and Almonds Sorting Machine Hazelnuts and Almonds Sorting Machine
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Machine Technical details:
  • 7 different calibrating sizes for hazelnuts and almonds
  • electromotor 220V drive
  • capacity up to 250 kg/h
  • wheels – optional

The hazelnuts and almond sorting machine is dedicated for calibration of hazelnuts and almonds in a shell. Calibrating is necessary in order to improve quality of cracking and minimize core breaking with the cracking machines DLO120E or DLO 120ER. Calibrations process is sorting nuts into 7 different sizes which can further get cracked separately with the cracking machine. Due to similar nuts size after calibration the cracking machine will crack nuts with around 2% cores break.

Sorting machine can be adjusted for other nuts type with the previous modification

Size Hazelnuts and Almonds Sorting MachineSize Hazelnuts and Almonds Sorting Machine packageSize Hazelnuts and Almonds Sorting Machine Weight

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