Cracker machine DLO 120E Cracker machine DLO 120E
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Technical details:
  • electromotor 220V drive
  • drum width 120mm
  • drum adjustment 0-40mm
  • capacity up to 300 kg/h
  • drum and back made of tin
  • ability to stop nuts flow without stopping the engine
  • ability to disassemble feet

Cracker machine DLO 120E and Universal Shell Separator Machine

The cracker machine DLO 120E is dedicated for hazelnuts, hard shell almonds and walnuts cracking. The best cracking results are achieved if nuts are previously calibrated with our sorting machine. In this way, you are getting equable size of nuts which is optimizing cracking by getting around 98% cracked nuts. Fruit is getting out mixed with the shell. You can separate shells from fruits with our shell separator machine. There is an option to connect both machines (cracker with shell separator) where you are getting cracking and shell separation done in one step.


Size Cracker machine DLO 120ESize Cracker machine DLO 120E packageWeight Cracker machine DLO 120E

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