The hazelnut processing line consists of: spiral rigid conveyorcracker machine DLO 120E or cracker machine DLO 120ER - shell separatorconveyor belt table. The cracker machine and shell separator can be mounted on a stand for work at one level to save space (shown in the pictures), or can remain on their stands but then they need to be raised by 40cm so that the outlet from the shell separator is higher than the inlet of the conveyor belt table (shown in the video).

Hazelnuts must be sorted before processing. Each size is processed separately. The speed of operation is determined by electronic regulation of the spiral rigid conveyor. Depending on the number of people controlling at the conveyor belt table, the spiral rigid conveyor is accelerated or decelerated. One person controlling at the conveyor belt table can inspect about 10 kg/h of cleaned hazelnut kernels, 2 persons about 20-25 kg/h (tested with a Roman round hazelnut of caliber 5). A smaller size achieves a slightly weaker result..
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