Hazelnut Husking Machine PTO Drive Hazelnut Husking Machine PTO Drive Hazelnut Husking Machine Electric Drive Hazelnut Husking Machine Electric and PTO Drive
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Tehnički podaci stroja:
  • husking of hazelnuts
  • PTO shaft drive, electric drive or both
  • separation of husk from the hazelnuts
  • capacity around 150-200kg/h husked nuts
  • wheels – option


The hazelnuts husking machine is dedicated for hazelnuts husking (hulling) after the harvesting and before cracking. Hulled nuts are ejected at the front opening and husk is ejected bellow the machine. Hazelnuts can be husked after 2-3 weeks in order to dry them up. We are not recommending husking right away after harvesting. Machine is powered by tractor PTO shaft. There is an option to use electromotor drive (special order).


Size Hazelnut Husking MachineSize Hazelnut Husking Machine packageSize Hazelnut Husking Machine weight

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