Conveyor belt table is dedicated for control of nuts after they were cracked with cracking machine DLO 120E or with cracking machine DLO 120ER and separated with shell separator machine. Conveyor belt table is universal and it can be used for control of any other fruits or vegetables where we need to make final control before packing.
At the lower picture you can see displayed line that is made of spiral rigid conveyor, cracker, and shell separator machine and at the end conveyor belt table where you can examine if all the nuts are fully cleaned from the shell.
The control table is built with 3 belt speeds that can be regulated by changing the pulleys or with electronic speed control. Metal parts which are directly in contact with the food are made from stainless steel. Transport wheels are incorporated.
Conveyor belt table is made based on the customer order. Based on flow requirements and number of people involved in examination process conveyor belt table dimensions are agreed.
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