Hazelnut Vacuum Harvester Machine Hazelnut Vacuum Harvester Machine Hazelnut Vacuum Harvester Machine Suction hose

Order your Hazelnut Vacuum Harvester Machine on time for the
next hazelnut harvest season!

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Machine technical details:
  • PTO shaft drive
  • high capacity – depending on collection method
  • not separating husk from the nut
  • outcome of collected nuts into boxes or bags
  • separate outcome of dust, leafs and other light dirt on the side exhaust
  • 2 suction hose depending on customer choice: diametar 100mm, 120mm or 140 mm

Vacuum harvester machine is powered by a tractor PTO shaft. On the vacuum can be connected two suction hoses – one diameter 120mm the other 100mm. If you are using both hoses for suction than at the entrance of 120mm we are putting an adapter for the 100mm hose, so the suction can be done by two hoses simultaneously: two 100mm or one 120 the other 100mm. Depending on your choice there is an option to combine two suctions: 100mm, 120mm or 140mm. The vacuum is not separating husk from the nuts, so that the nuts are collected with the husk. At the nuts exit you can put a plastic case, box or bag. Dust, leafs and any other light dirt are blown out through the side exhaust. Total weight of the vacuum machine is around 270kg – so it can be easily connected to a hydraulic system of a smaller tractor.

As additional equipment we are offering a suction tube with the back porter system (image). Suction tube has two wheels at the front part in order to lower the load on the worker that is vacuuming. This tube is primarily dedicated for hazelnut vacuuming when they are piled up in the middle of a tree raw. The suction tube is not convenient for direct suction bellow the hazelnut tree.

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